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  • Product RangePolishing Product, Machinery / Industrial Equipment, Paraffin Wax, Grinding Wheel, Household Use Paint, Paint For Interior Decoration, Polishing Cream

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  • Grinding Wax Series
    • Grinding Wax Series
    Grinding Wax Series
    Brief DescriptionExcellent product quality with good delivery time. Keep on developing new product every year for different worldwide market.
  • Pumice Powder
    • Pumice Powder
    Pumice Powder
    Brief DescriptionExcellent product quality with good delivery time. Keep on developing new product every year for different worldwide market.

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    Cleaning Series

    Buffing Compound Series:Grinding Wax Series

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    Products of Sales Our company sells high quality polishing products made in oversea countries. Dry type polishing procedures not only can save more time and work force, but also achieve ideal efficiency and effect. Dry type polishing gradually has been accepted, used and become popular, to replace 60% to 80% of the procedures handled by traditional work force. However, our company still provides hand buffing products to meet clients' demand. Our Company Principles Our company strongly believes the products that we provide can guarantee your company a smooth process of production, a reduction on production cost and an upgrade in production quality. Clients Dry type polishing is used for metals like titanium, alloy, nickel-silver alloy copper, silver and plastic workpieces. Therefore; our materials are more suitable for spectacles, artificial accessories, plastic fine works of the manufacturing industries. Service Our company maintains the style of "Service is Our Principal", welcomes any information, and with pleasure to provide our company catalogues and price lists as reference. To compile with free Sample Tests, we certainly can provide you the smoothest production process and the most suitable products. Polishing is an overall grinding technique, including a dry type and a wet type. In the process of production, when handling mass complicated and high quality workpieces, polishing becomes a indispensable technique. To gain a good polishing effect, it is very important to properly choose different grinding materials and machines. Yau Sun Hong International Development Limited not only can provide suitable grinding materials, machines, and the process of production, but also technical support services before and after sales, to ensure your workpieces an ideal polishing effect. Also, we would maintain our usual working attitude 'Clients come first, service - our foundation follows' to continue to explore the way of 'polishing' with your hand by hand. Continued~~~ Success comes of attempts, without bold hypotheses and discreet implementations, there might not be progress and improvement. Especially in the process of samples testing, through repeated tests, clients' most desirable effect can be produced and so can our polishing technique be greatly promoted. At usual, our company welcomes any sample test for free and support services like the detailed test report and the technique transfer will be provided.

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